You want your audience to focus on your message, not your grammar or syntax.

BookIvy understands that a writer’s voice is unique and that it should stay that way. I will make sure a manuscript is as good as it can be before it reaches the eyes of the public.

I make sure work is consistent, error free, and adheres to appropriate standards by carefully copyediting one sentence at a time–twice. This two-pass system is my way of guaranteeing quality service.

BookIvy works with book manuscripts, dissertations, articles, reports, letters, website content, and more.

Manuscript Review and feedback
Before you send your work to an agent, an editor, an art director, a literary journal, an admissions committee, a board of directors, or any other gate keeper you will need some solid feedback. I employ a detailed review system that I created using resources I’ve gathered from MFA programs, faculty, and publishers. Depending on what you need or want, I can do a general or intensive read of your manuscript before you start your next round of edits. I can analyze and give you feedback on voice, narrative arc, themes, dialogue, pacing, or any other facet of your project that you feel may need tweaking or tightening.

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