“Carla’s attention to detail, knowledge of the Chicago Manual of Style, and ability to produce quality material under extremely tight deadlines makes her an invaluable part of our team at UC Berkeley. She is hardworking and upbeat, and is always excited to tackle a new project. It’s clear that she loves being an editor, and I recommend her highly.”
-Candice Bradley, Program Manager, UC Berkeley

“Carla is truly a professional editor with the patience of a saint. She is an expert guide that will walk you through the process in a way that doesn’t make you feel clueless or inept. She’s truly a team player that goes above and beyond the role of editor. ”
-Melissa Huie, Author, The Broken Road, Broken Promises

“Carla carried out a thorough and detailed editing process on my novel preparing it for publication. She explained fully the reasons for the changes, along with providing a detailed style sheet showing sources, etc. which I found to be extremely useful.
As Carla took my novel from its raw state and turned it something highly readable and professional, I have no hesitation in recommending her, and I will definitely be inviting her to edit my next novel.”
-Stewart Bint, Author, In Shadows Waiting

“Carla does amazing editing work. She’s also reliable and efficient! In addition to expert formatting and cross-referencing, her style suggestions significantly improved the flow and coherency of the argument. This type of editing is particularly important for journal articles in my field (philosophy).  Finally, I was particularly appreciative of the professional delivery of the edited manuscript, which included an author’s letter detailing the work completed and flagging major issues. I would absolutely use BookIvy’s services again and recommend Carla highly to those seeking high quality academic editing.”
-Deborah Goldgaber, Professor, Louisiana State University

“After working on my first novel for three years, I could no longer see the forest for the trees, or more specifically, the underbrush! Carla’s clear vision of my project, her patience, and her impeccable professionalism have resulted in a young adult work of fiction that I am not only proud of, but proud to submit for publication. Beyond having a sharply honed editorial skill set, Carla’s responsiveness, interest, and belief in my project gave me a deeper respect for her opinions and the confidence to push on. I felt a sense of partnership at work. Aspiring authors hope for, but don’t often find, this level of support and conviction along their journey.”
-Christina Robertson, Author

“Carla has been invaluable to my business. Her talents are many– but I’ve relied on her primarily as a researcher, writer, and project manager. Carla is able to move large bodies of work forward, with strong communication among multiple parties and regarding many moving pieces. In all of her work, she maintains the highest degree of professionalism, attention to detail, quality product, efficiency, and follow-through. I recommend Carla highly to any organization, institution, or business in need of expanded writing, researching, editing, and project management capabilities.”
-Elizabeth Cole, Principal, Graettinger Cole Impact Consulting

“Carla’s capabilities are impressive. She’s responsible, has a great work ethic, and is able to tackle any project with enthusiasm. She would be a tremendous asset to any organization.”
-Sanford Goldberg, Professor and Chairperson, Northwestern University

“Carla is prompt, well-organized, and well-focused.  Highly recommended.”
-Kenneth Seeskin, Professor, Northwestern University

“Carla was very effective at managing time and dealing with the petty daily annoyances that needed to be addressed but that I did not want to deal with myself. I came to rely on her wise advice on personnel and other issues and on her cheerful and affable presence around the office. She is competent, efficient, and agreeable. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her.”
-David Haig, Professor, Harvard University

“Carla is amazing. What I liked most about working with her is that she really knows how to free up time in your calendar. You ask her to take care of X and you can be sure that you will not have to worry about X again.”
-Tarek Hassan, Professor, University of Chicago